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Operating since 1985, CCC Ltd has a well-established and highly respected track record in the South of England for delivering exceptional agronomic advice.

We pride ourselves on being totally independent, which means our advice is tailored to achieve the best technical, environmental and financially appropriate solutions for each individual member. We utilise the most up to date technical information and Research and Development from a wide range of independent sources (including AICC, AHDB, NIAB TAG, ADAS etc) to ensure our advice is comprehensive and current.

At CCC, we appreciate that political and environmental uncertainty can lead to increased risk for our farmer members and we are here to help mitigate those risks with our independent, well-informed and flexible approach to agronomy.

Our Services

Independent Agronomy

We offer a completely independent, industry-leading agronomy service that provides tailored and environmentally sustainable advice.

Crop Inspection

Regular and detailed crop inspections is the core of our agronomy service. Our agronomists cover over 80,000 acres across the South of England and use their extensive knowledge to recommend the most cost-effective variable inputs sourced through Crop Advisors buying group.

Group Buying Power

We are members of Crop Advisors Independent Alliance, whose members benefit from a combined purchasing power of over £40 million per year.

GPS Soil Mapping / Precision Farming

Our agronomists have extensive experience in interpreting the data from today’s precision farming tools and we have a range of clients who have adopted GPS technologies and satellite mapping.

Nutrient Plans and Soil Protection Reviews

We provide tailored fertiliser and nutrient management plans and provide guidance on preparing Soil Protection Reviews. We use our knowledge of local soils, crops and relevant surveys to help achieve the best outcome for each individual farm.

Our Team

Our agronomists are all BASIS, FACTS and IPM qualified and members of the Association of Independent Crop Consultants (AICC), priding themselves on their Independence.

Richard Cartwright

Senior Agronomist and Managing Director

Richard is a Senior Agronomist and the Managing Director of CCC.

After beginning his career at ADAS, Richard was given the opportunity to head up CCC as a farmer led cooperative upon its inception in 1985. Under Richard’s direction, CCC has since grown its farmer client base to upwards of 140 farms across the Southeast and is one of the leading independent agronomy services in the region.

Richard has a comprehensive and direct approach and is one of the most widely recognised and respected arable advisors in the region.

Richard works with farmers in both West Sussex and Kent and oversees all managerial aspects of the business.


Peter Cowlrick

Senior Agronomist and Technical Director

Peter joined CCC in 1987 and is a Senior Agronomist and Technical Director.

Peter provides unparalleled advice to the ever-expanding CCC client base and uses his wide breadth of technical expertise to offer his farmers cutting edge advice.

Peter also heads up the R&D for CCC and is an Executive Member of the AICC National Trials Team, having been involved since its inception. Peter has a particular interest in variety, fungicide and nitrogen trials.

Peter has helped deliver Catchment Sensitive Farming advice in Hampshire and Sussex and works closely with local water companies to evaluate the soil and nutrient capture benefits of cover crops.

Peter is a respected and experienced agronomist and brings an innovative approach to his farmers, most of whom are in Hampshire and West Sussex.


Simon Roberts

Senior Agronomist Director

Simon joined CCC in 2021 as a Senior Agronomist and Director.

Simon brings with him a wealth of knowledge from his time at Syngenta where his roles included Trials Officer, Technical Manager and Head of Field Sales. These roles involved working closely with the independent sector and building relationships with R&D organisations, the AICC and buying groups. Simon’s experience gives him a wide breadth of industry knowledge allowing him to make the most of opportunities and meet any challenges.

Simon is known for his collaborative, tailored and technical approach which enables him to build close working relationships with his farms.

Simon advises on all aspects of arable farming and works with farmers within the Kent and East Sussex regions.


Brett Pointing


Brett joined CCC in 2016 as a trainee agronomist after graduating from the University of Reading with a degree in Agriculture.

After graduating from University, Brett gained on the ground experience working in trials and for a number of different farms. This enabled Brett to understand the practicalities of the farming industry and provided him with an invaluable understanding of a vast variety of crops.

Brett’s wide-ranging background and knowledge make him a pragmatic and strategic agronomist, well respected by his farmers.

Brett advises farmers in Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset and continues to successfully expand the business within these regions.


Jonathan James


Jonathan joined CCC in 2016 as a trainee agronomist after grading from the University of Reading.

Jonathan excelled in his studies and received a First-Class Honours for his Degree in Agriculture. Jonathan was also a runner up for the Barrie Orme award whilst undertaking the BASIS Certificate, an annual honour awarded to the most outstanding candidate.

Jonathan has worked extensively on arable farms, gaining valuable experience and in particular, a firm understanding of precision farming. Jonathan works closely with his farmers to build a strong awareness of their individual needs and is widely respected for his conscientious and personable approach.

Jonathan advises famers within the West and East Sussex regions.


Tod Hunnisett

Consultant Agronomist

Tod works as a consultant for CCC alongside advising his own private client base.

Tod’s clients appreciate his down to earth approach to agronomy. In addition to his expertise in combinable crops, Tod is a fully approved BASIS trainer, and is a regular contributor to Farmers Weekly Crop Watch.


Julia Gentle

Office Manager and Administrator

Julia joined CCC in 2017 and is the Office Manager.

Julia hales from a farming family and has a degree in Agriculture. This, combined with her extensive experience in farm administration, gives Julia a thorough understanding of farm businesses and enables her to provide an excellent link from the field to the office.

Julia regularly communicates with new and existing members and ensures the smooth managing of the CCC office.


Sarah McCurrach


Sarah joined CCC in January 2021 and works alongside Julia and Natalie in the main office.

Sarah’s role is to maintain accurate and up to date accounts and assist with members queries.

Sarah’s background is in accounts and farming and she has a particular interest in cattle and horses. She went to Staffordshire College of Agriculture and has been a Farm Secretary with many diverse roles for many years since.


Natalie Cartwright

Office and Marketing Administrator

Natalie joined CCC in 2019 and works alongside Julia and Sarah in the main office.

Natalie assists with a wide range of office related matters, included payroll, invoice management and member queries. In addition to this, Natalie is responsible for CCC’s website and social media platforms.

Natalie has a background in law and mathematics, both of which come in useful for her diverse role.


Company Structure

James Baird

Chairman Arable Farmer

Richard Cartwright

Director Agronomist

Peter Cowlrick

Director Agronomist

Simon Roberts

Director Agronomist

Ben Taylor

Vice Chairman Farm Manager

Andrew Martin

Company Secretary Arable Farmer

Philip Huxham

Director Arable Farmer

Michael Gentle

Director Arable Farmer

Tom Monnington

Director Mixed Farmer

Peter Wilson

Director Arable Farmer

Alastair Strange

Director Arable Farmer

Philip Veltom

Director Arable Farmer

Chris Hannam

Director Arable Farmer

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